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Lumbar Decompression

Experiencing severe low back pain that hasn’t been helped by conventional treatments? Surgical lumbar decompression may be an appropriate treatment route for you.

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What is Lumbar Decompression?

Lumbar decompression surgery is a surgical procedure designed to alleviate pressure on the nerves by literally decompressing the spine. This is the step above, in the treatment plan, from non-surgical spinal decompression, which is a physical stretching of the spine.

Why is Lumbar Decompression Performed?

This kind of treatment can be used to treat spinal stenosis (which is a narrowing in the spinal canal), herniated discs causing excess pressure on the spinal nerves and nerve roots, and a whole host of other spinal cord ailments related to your spinal discs.

If you’re suffering from chronic or acute low back pain, and more conventional methods have not sufficed, then this treatment may be an option for you. Speak to a medical professional today.

How is Lumbar Decompression Performed?

A lumbar decompression surgery consists of removing a small portion of the bone or disc material surrounding the nerve root that’s causing the pain. This gives it more space to heal, flooding the area with nutrient-rich liquid.

This kind of surgery could fall into any of the below forms:

Lumbar Laminectomy
This is typically to relieve pain from lumbar spinal stenosis, removing the bone to allow more room for the nerve root.

This also relieves pain in a similar way to a laminectomy, but this form of surgery typically is only partial removal of the bone.

This form of surgery can also relieve pain from conditions like spinal stenosis, but through widening the passageway of a specific nerve root, where it exits the spinal canal.

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What To Expect After Lumbar Decompression

What you should expect after this kind of surgery will depend on your medical history, severity of the symptoms and how complex the procedure is for your unique case.

When you wake up from the surgery though, you will typically feel some soreness in your back and be on pain medication. The recovery period ranges between 4-6 weeks, but your doctor will give specific recommendations for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lumbar Decompression

1. How painful is lumbar decompression surgery?
The surgery is completed under general anesthesia, so you will not be awake for the duration. After you wake up, your doctor will prescribe pain medication as needed.

2. How serious is spinal decompression surgery?
Spinal decompression surgery is the removal of part of your bone or disc material, so it is a serious operation with a 6 week recovery period.

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