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Arthroscopic Surgery

Arthroscopy is a surgical procedure that orthopedic surgeons use in order to see the joint itself, to then treat the problems.

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What is Arthroscopic Surgery?

Arthroscopic surgery is one type of minimally invasive surgery, where an orthopedic surgeon will make a small incision into the patient’s skin to then insert a small camera.

The surgeon is then able to see the joint through this very small incision, either to help diagnose or treat a condition with some kind of repair or reconstruction.

Why is Arthroscopic Surgery Performed?

Arthroscopic procedures produces a much smaller incision than traditional open surgery. This also means the risks are lower and recovery time is less, averaging at about 6 weeks – though this will depend on the extent of the damage repaired.

How is Arthroscopic Surgery Performed?

Arthroscopic surgery does still require general anesthesia, though it can often be performed as an outpatient procedure.

The surgeon operating will make a small incision to insert the arthroscope, which is a small camera. Depending on the specifics of your condition, there may be multiple additional small incisions made for other surgical instruments. Your doctor will discuss this with you ahead of time.

After the surgery is complete, the small incisions will be covered with a dressing. Many patients need little to no pain medication.

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What To Expect After Arthroscopic Surgery

As mentioned, the recovery time can be as short as 6 weeks – with most patients feeling little to no pain after the surgery.

The exact expectations that you should have in terms of recovery time, side effects and results will be a conversation that your orthopedic surgeon will have with you pre-treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions about Arthroscopic Surgery

1. Is arthroscopic surgery a major surgery?
No. It is a minor, minimally invasive surgery typically done as an outpatient procedure.

2. What is the difference between arthroscopic and laparoscopic surgeries?
The main difference is that laparoscopic surgeries are typically performed in the body cavity, not within the joint, like an arthroscopic surgery.

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