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Cervical Foraminotomy

Experiencing back or neck pain from pressure on your spinal nerves? A cervical foraminotomy may be the right treatment for you, to relieve that pressure.

neurologist doctor examines cervical vertebrae

What is a Cervical Foraminotomy?

This kind of spine surgery is performed via an incision in the back of the neck to relieve the pressure on spinal nerves being compressed by disc matter, or bone.

This is performed to help alleviate the symptoms of a range of conditions, from degenerative disc disease to spinal stenosis.

Why is a Cervical Foraminotomy Performed?

This kind of surgery is performed when disc matter or bone become damaged or herniated, compressing the spinal nerves, causing pain and weakness.

This surgery prevents the compression of the nerve roots, meaning that pain signals do not get sent to the brain and pain is not felt.

How is a Cervical Foraminotomy Performed?

A cervical foraminotomy is performed via an incision in the back of the neck. The surgeon will then remove a small portion of the bone and joint which are on top of the spinal nerve, as well as any additional soft tissue or disc matter that’s causing the compression within the spinal column.

The surgery typically takes one to two hours.

the spine of a tanned woman

What To Expect After a Cervical Foraminotomy

When you wake up from the surgery, some pain is to be expected but your doctor will prescribe pain medication.

Typically, recovery takes up to six weeks, but high impact activities and heavy lifting are still discouraged. Full recovery can take up to one year.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cervical Foraminotomy

1. How painful is a foraminotomy?
The surgery is performed while the patient is under general anesthesia, so no pain will be felt during the operation. Pain medication will likely be prescribed after the surgery.

2. How successful is a cervical foraminotomy?
Most patients experience alleviation of all of the symptoms immediately after the surgery, but this could depend on the severity of your medical condition.

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