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Submitted by | Shannon A.

  Dr. Yusupov did my neck spinal fusion. The office staff and the PA was wonderful. All questions were answered and I was shown where the problem was and how he needed to fix it. I was even given tips on how to eat and swallow after my fusion which was right on. I was only out of work for 4 days and was able to start PT really soon after my fusion. It has been 2 years now and my neck is great. I have more motion in my neck being fused then I did when I was suffering. Doctor Yusupov is very kind and caring and really has your best life style and health held at top priority. Thank you Dr. Yusupov, PA Al and the office staff... You guys rock... Highly recommended Dr. Yusupov of you are looking for a great neurosurgeon...  

Source: Google | Written For: Dr Yusupov & Staff

Submitted by | Richard M.

  I cannot say enough about Dr Yusopov, Al and the staff I have met, Whitney and Tiffany. The treatment and attention I have received has been second to none. As I type this I am recovering from a nerve decompression he performed this past Thursday.
As far as Dr Yusopov, he has without doubt saved my career as well as my ability to walk. Due to injury at work I have had to undergo a neck fusion, second lower back surgery, the recent decompression, and had a neuro stimulator which he implanted to control lower body pain. The interest, care and attentiveness given to helping me get out of pain has been unbelievable.
I hope to not undergo any further spinal type surgery but if it happens I most certainly will be choosing Dr Yusopov and Arizona Brain and Spine.
Thank you Dr Yusopov, Al, Whitney and Tiffany, especially the latter two for putting up with me!  

Source: Google | Written For: Dr Yusupov & Staff

Submitted by | Bob W.

  Dr. Yusupov is awesome!! His technique is flawless. The staff is second to none.  

Source: Facebook | Written For: Dr Yusupov

Submitted by | Sarah M.

  Dr. Yusupov saved my life, he and Dr. Al did my brain decompression surgery in September 2016. They are very knowledgeable about Arnold Chiara Malformation and I appreciate the doctors and the entire staff so much. I am constantly recommending Dr. Yusupov and Az Brain & Spine.  

Source: Facebook | Written For: Dr Yusupov & Al Koos

Submitted by | Merim S.

  Friendly and very knowledgeable staff. Dr.Igor took his time with me to provide the best care, and options available to me. Don’t go anywhere else!  

Source: Facebook | Written For: Dr Yusupov

Submitted by | Monica W.

  THANK YOU to Dr. Igor R. Yusupov, MD and the Arizona Brain & Spine Center team! In my experience, I found them caring and professional. I definitely recommend them as experts in this field!  

Source: Facebook | Written For: Dr Yusupov & Staff

Submitted by | Theresa F.

  The staff and Dr. Yusupov are very helpful and answered any questions I had regarding my upcoming c spine surgery.  

Source: Facebook | Written For: Dr Yusupov & Staff

Submitted by | Charity P.

  I don't think there are enough positive things to say about Dr. Yusupov, AL, and their team. I was put at ease with the front desk staff each and every time I called. They were knowledgeable, supportive, and kind. Dr. Yusupov ended up having to do surgery on my spine and he and his team gave me back a quality of life. I was at a loss for how to move in a way that didn't hurt me so bad that I would just stay put, until I met his team. With surgery and support I was able to go off my pain management treatments and have been doing wonderful.  

Source: Google | Written For: Dr Yusupov, Al Koos & Staff

Submitted by | Wendy G.

  5 stars is not enough for Dr. Yusupov, his PA Al or the office staff! I had a severe spontaneous ruptured disc that left me unable to stand, sit or walk without excruciating pain. After a rather horrific experience with a 'pain clinic' , I was desperate to find help and someone who actually cared. Not only is Dr. Yusupov a world class surgeon, he had the best bedside manner that all patients deserve. He and Al took time to explain everything to me and my husband. Answered every question and didn't act as though I was wasting their time. They got me scheduled for surgery in just over 2 weeks and when it was time, they were so kind and patient to explain it all again and ease my fears. As promised, my pain was gone immediately and they told me exactly what to expect during recovery. They were spot on and Al called me back in the same day I had left a message for him with questions. Back injury is horrific and many professionals treat patients without compassion for the unbelievable pain and suffering this brings to the patient and family. If you are suffering, trust Dr. Yusupov....he has changed my life.  

Source: Google | Written For: Dr Yusupov, Al Koos & Staff

Submitted by | Derrick P.

  Awesome surgeon took a disc out of my neck relieved my pain.  

Source: Facebook | Written For: Dr Yusupov

Submitted by | Sandy C.

  I am a Registered Nurse from Syracuse NY. I worked with Dr. Yusupov in the Neurosurgical ICU. Dr. Yusupov is the best neurosurgeon I have had the pleasure of working with. He is kind, compassionate and incredibly skilled...Should I ever need brain or spine surgery I will be flying out to Arizona Brain and Spine Center....because he is that amazing!!  

Source: Facebook | Written For: Dr Yusupov

Submitted by | Lisa A.

  Dr.Yusupov is not only brilliant, he is the most caring doctor in the world. He makes you feel like you're his only patient. He saved my life and I will be forever grateful!  

Source: Facebook | Written For: Dr Yusupov

Submitted by | Bob L.

  Can't say enough good things about Dr Yusupov. His surgical skills have given me back quality of live after being hit by a DUI driver. Great bedside manner, genuinely a good guy who cares about his patients. A true professional and the best in his field. Highly recommend.  

Source: Facebook | Written For: Dr Yusupov

Submitted by | Kathleen D.

  Dr. Y performed surgery on my back (3 dissections)and I’m grateful to him and say-I’m a fully functioning 75 year old woman. Thanks, Doc!  

Source: Facebook | Written For: Dr Yusupov

Submitted by | Heidi M.

  Dr Yusupov is awesome along with his staff. He is very professional and has excellent bedside manner. He is very understanding and took care of me! I no longer have the pain and live a normal life. Thank you Dr Yusupov.  

Source: Facebook | Written For: Dr Yusupov

Submitted by | Jill G.

  Highly recommended surgeon. I had neck surgery 7 years ago and am doing very well.  

Source: Facebook | Written For: Dr Yusupov

Submitted by | Aaron D.

  This man kept me out of a wheelchair! He is a true hero!  

Source: Facebook | Written For: Dr Yusupov

Submitted by | Deborah A.

  Dr. Yusupov did my ACDF C-4 to -6. Excellent job considering C-6 was “Kinked”. That was 2014. Thank you Dr.  

Source: Facebook | Written For: Dr Yusupov

Submitted by | Johanna G.

  Dr Yusupov is knowledgeable in many areas of medicine. When you are dealing with the brain or spine, he is on point. He treats you as if he is a dr that you’re going to see each month. The reality is that he gets to the root without sugar coating. It is as if he had been treating you for a lifetime. When you are his patient, you feel like you are his only patient. He’s attentive 100% to you.pain will not be a way of life. He will make pain be a thing of the past.  

Source: Facebook | Written For: Dr Yusupov

Submitted by | Connie H.

  Igor was a resident of mine for 7 yrs. I would recommend him highly. Miss you in Syracuse  

Source: Facebook | Written For: Dr Yusupov

Submitted by | Sue S.

  Dr Yusupov is a highly professional, dedicated and skilled surgeon. The patient I recommended to him to is now pain free and forever grateful. Dr. Yusupov’s level of care and expertise is beyond reproach. He is a true gentleman in every sense of the word.  

Source: Facebook | Written For: Dr Yusupov

Submitted by | Toni G.

  I’m an RN and had spinal stenosis, and terrible pain. Dr Yusupov gave me my life back, he is an excellent surgeon. I recommend him highly!  

Source: Facebook | Written For: Dr Yusupov

Submitted by | Michele S.

  One of the best!  

Source: Facebook | Written For: Dr Yusupov

Submitted by | Matthew W.

  World class surgeon. Dr. Igor Yusupov is the best of the best. He replaced 3 discs and inserted a titanium spacer in my wife’s cervical spine in 2014. She continues to have 100% relief from her pain and her range of motion has increased. Outstanding results that were better than expected. I highly recommend Dr. Igor Yusupov.  

Source: Google | Written For: Dr Yusupov

Submitted by | Kody T.

  Dr. Yusupov was AWESOME!! I've worked with some great surgeons in the past only to have my "insurance" tell me to find another physician. Dr. Yusupov is second to NONE!! He took all the time "I needed" to fully explain the spinal issues I suffer from AND what treatment options were available from the wild shot gun type fuse everything approach some surgeons use, down to the most specific & minimally invasive options available. Dr. Yusupov then took the time to explain the pros and cons of each option as they would apply specifically to me.
Just to clarify, Dr. Yusupov took all the time "I needed" to explain everything to me. Dr. Yusupov was not satisfied until I understood procedures he was trying to explain and what the next steps in my treatment will be.
I would recommend Dr. Yusupov to ANYONE with back pain!!  

Source: Square, Inc. | Written For: Dr Yusupov

Submitted by | D. King

  I would recommend him to anyone that needs a Doctor that is a great surgeon, he took care of me, and got me back on my feet after being numb in my hands and legs... Sat down with my family and described what was happening and needed to get it taken care of before it got worse and could cause me permanent damage... He checked on me to make sure all was good with me several times.  

Source: Website | Written For: Dr Yusupov

Submitted by | D. Wagner

  My husband had surgery done by this Doctor. He has suffered for 8 plus years and last 2 has had very little quality of life.. This Place is 5 STAR!!!! Would highly recommend it. Neurosurgeon is definitely the way to go. He has been to a dozen Orthopedic surgeons over the years and no one would touch him. He is about 6 weeks post surgery and doing physical therapy here in Effingham. He is finally seeing relief from chronic pain.  

Source: Website | Written For: Dr Yusupov

Submitted by | Mrs. Mary

  Nowhere in the world could I have found anyone better to perform my back surgery! It is like a miracle that now I have my life back and can enjoy each day with little or no pain! After years of suffering from the worst pain imaginable! I went from one doctor to another and all they could offer me was a series of lumbar injections including a nerve stimulator. None of these worked at all! Because I had several other medical issues, they said, surgery was too risky and that I would have to live with the pain and meds including more injections. My new Primary Care Physician referred me to you. She said, “Dr. Yusupov is renowned for his skilled work with people who had brain or spinal trauma. People that had lost hope even with patients with multiple medical issues” … like I had. After the f”Irst initial exam, I knew right away that I needed surgery on collapsed disks- L2-L3 with pain radiating down my lower back. The surgery you performed was totally successful with no complications and very little pain. After a few days, I was home feeling happy and grateful that I could do things I hadn’t been able to do for years. You are unique in that you see deeper into the worst cases. You take the fear out of surgery! I am eternally grateful to now be in a position to enjoy life! Thank you Dr.Yusupov for taking such good care of me!   

Source: Website | Written For: Dr Yusupov

Submitted by | Debra

  My conversations with Lucy were informative and helpful, and I felt at ease when I met the woman at the reception desk, (can’t remember her name), she was very nice. My nurse, Jonathan was very compassionate and understanding. I felt at ease with him. The anesthesiologist was very nice and informative also. Asked me a lot of questions before the surgery. Dr. Yusupov was great. So happy I was referred to him. He understood my problem immediately, and said minimally invasive surgery was possible for me in lieu of a fusion, which other Dr’s insisted I needed. He truly cares for his patients, and doesn’t believe in unnecessary surgery. Even though my surgery was delayed a bit, I felt very comfortable in the waiting room I was in. It was quiet and peaceful. My husband was allowed to wait there with me, which also was a comfort. Today, the day after my surgery, all I feel is soreness at the incision site. No more pain in my right leg. I waited years to do this surgery, for fear of a fusion, and Dr. Yusupov assured me this was unnecessary. So glad I didnt listen to those other Dr’s, and finally found a truly compassionate one.  

Source: Website | Written For: Dr Yusupov

Submitted by | Arthur

  I am a 67 year old male and was experiencing severe pain in the right hip, down the right leg, some pain in the left leg, and muscle spasms in the right leg. It was very difficult to sit, sleep, get in and out of a vehicle, or even tie my shoes. I was refered to Dr. Yusupov who performed a thourough examination. He was not satisfied with the first set of test results, so Dr. Yusupov sent me out for another MRI and x-rays. After these results came in the Dr. looked at me and said he could help. A week and and half later I went into surgery and walked out less than 24 hours later litteraly pain free. The hospital staff and the Arizona Brain and Spine Center staff were fantastic. I would like to thank and commend Dr. Yusupov for his thoroughness, expertice, and mainly my pain relief.   

Source: Website | Written For: Dr Yusupov

Submitted by | Michael

  My reason for seeing Dr. Yusupov was due to deterioration in the disc at L4-L3. Back problems were nothing new to me since I had already had two prior surgeries on two other discs that had deteriorated. Walking from the front door to the mailbox, or walking from the car to the grocery store were very difficult and painful tasks to perform. After Dr. Yusupov reviewed my MRI and an X-rays, I was ready for my first visit. During our initial office visit, Dr. Yusupov was able to offer solutions and opinions to solve my walking problem. Time was given to explain the advantages and disadvantages to each possible procedure. I thought this was great. It was nice to be able to make my own choices in this regard. The surgery that Dr. Yusupov performed on my back has allowed me to walk without a lot of pain and to do the things that make life worth wild. I feel very lucky to have had him help me with my back problem. I never consider myself an ideal patient to work on, but I would highly recommend him to anyone who has problems of this nature.   

Source: Website | Written For: Dr Yusupov

Submitted by | Caron

  Ever since I can remember I have had severe headaches, vertigo, a constant ringing in my ears and even black outs. I was diagnosed by several doctors as having anywhere from inner ear infections to migraine headaches. I couldn’t climb up a ladder without suffering from the effects of the pressure in my head later in the day. Some days I was bed ridden because my head felt like it was going to explode, not to mention the unexplained tenderness in the back of my head. These sporadic episodes were becoming more and more common and diminishing my way of life. Just when I was beginning to think I would just have to live with my head pain I met Monika Sajecki, P.A.-C. She is affiliated with Dr. Art Mollen in Scottsdale. She sent me to have an MRI. She gave me hope and put a name to the pressure in my head. I was diagnosed with a Chiari Malformation I. Because this is pretty rare in adults they referred me to Dr. Yusupov and he explained all the symptoms and complications of Chairi Malformation I. He talked me through the surgery he would perform to relieve the pressure in my head in a way I could understand and process. I tried to wait until I was off for the summer because I’m a teacher, but my body didn’t want to wait and I had surgery in March of 2012. I was up and walking the next day, the ringing in my ears was gone and the pressure in my head was already better. Today, you can’t even see a scar, my headaches are minimal and any pressure in my head is tolerable and diminishing every day. So many people including myself thought they would have to shave all my hair off, but it was minimal. I have no doubt that I made the right decision to have this surgery. I truly believe it saved my life. Dr. Yusupov gave me the information and confidence I needed to fight through the fear and conquer this illness. I am living proof that you can live with a “hole” in your head. Thank you Dr. Yusupov and Monica from the bottom of my heart!   

Source: Website | Written For: Dr Yusupov

Submitted by | Carol

  I am a 68 year old woman who had suffered from neck pain for over 20 years. I went to chiropractors who helped the pain, but never eliminated it. I was also diagnosed with MS a year ago. After several MRI’s related to the MS, my neurologist insisted that I see Dr. Yusupov because the MRI’s showed a lot of damage to my neck. Of course, I put it off — who really wants to think about spinal surgery with bone fusion and plating. Not me! But, my neck pain became so much worse. I had pain in my shoulders that radiated across my shoulder blades, pain in my left jaw and left ear, and tingling in the fingers on my left hand. I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I called Dr. Yusupov — the miracle man as I like to refer to him. I had surgery early on a Tuesday morning, stayed overnight in the hospital, and went home on Wednesday. Immediately after the surgery, even with the pain from the surgery, the other pain I had experienced was gone. By Saturday, even the surgery pain was almost non-existent. I took an occasional extra-strength Tylenol, which took care of it. Followed the doctor’s instructions and now, three months later, I’m better than new. The only regret I have is that I didn’t have the surgery sooner! I thank Dr. Yusupov for being such a fabulous surgeon!  

Source: Website | Written For: Dr Yusupov

Submitted by | So thankful in Goodyear

  Well Done! I am a 54 year old woman (felt like a 94 year old before I met Dr. Yusupov), retired from the U.S. Air Force, extremely regimented and fit…or at least I had been. 10 years ago I was labeled a 60% disabled veteran because of problems with my neck. I had gone through physical therapy, injections, pain meds etc…all to find myself last year getting worse and worse. I was not able to exercise anymore, walking created severe pain and burning in my neck, my arms were weak or fatigued easily, I had not slept well in years as I could not find a comfortable position to sleep, my hands went numb daily, I was a wreck. Finally in December 2011, it was so bad, nothing helped. I went to my primary care physician and he sent me for another series of injections. After the first injection with no relief, and review of my MRI, my pain management specialist referred me to Dr. Yusupov. In my first visit with Dr. Yusupov, he recommended surgery. He described my problem as Cervical Stenosis, compression of my spinal cord and Cervical Spondylosis, degenerative discs. He spoke plain english and thoroughly described my problem, his recommended treatment and my expected prognosis in terms that we fully understood. You just don’t know how thankful I was for Dr. Yusupov and his team. They calmed my fears which was so important to us as we faced this procedure. Dr. Yusupov performed an Anterior C4-C7 Microdisectomy w/Fusion & Plating, at John C Lincoln-North Mountain Hospital on April 12, 2012. My expectations were thoroughly exceeded. As I write this, it has been 90 days since my procedure and I feel like I did before I retired from the military. I am back to exercising, walking 3.5 miles a day in 45 mins (I was not able to do that previously). I sleep like a baby. I began physical therapy one month after surgery. The weakness in my hands and arms is gone, and have no issues. I have my life back and am able to do what I love, lots of traveling. Thank you so very much Dr. Yusupov and the staff at the Arizona Brain and Spine Center and the excellent team at John C. Lincoln, you gave me back my health!!   

Source: Website | Written For: Dr Yusupov

Submitted by | Carol

  Followed the doctor’s instructions and now, three months later, I’m better than new. The only regret I have is that I didn’t have the surgery sooner!  

Source: Website | Written For: Dr Yusupov

Submitted by | Terry

  It is 10 AM, September 3, 2013, I just finished a 3 mile walk, 5 mile bike ride and its almost 100 degrees already. Flashback to June 3, 2013. I am anxiously waiting to be reeled in to John C. Lincoln’s, North Mountain Hospital for back surgery. Nervous, scared, anxious, and optimistic are all thoughts going thru my head. Prior to this date, life as I knew it was less than desirable. I am a retired Phoenix Police Officer (36 years) and spent 31 years riding a motorcycle as a police officer and in my spare time, traveled the country competing in rodeo events. I am very active and stay in good shape, but the toll on my body has caught up with me. I’m 61 years old. Over the years, I had “back problems” and did everything possible to avoid going under the knife for back surgery. I finally reached a point to where I couldn’t walk without stumbling, had constant tingling in both legs, cortizon shots didn’t work, and for the last year, unable to ride my horses, golf, or do physical activities that were normal and routine for me. I had a herniated disc between L4 and L5 and L5 had fused to my bottom vertabrae (S1). In laymens terms, I was a mess. Through my PCP, I was introduced to Dr. Igor R. Yusupov, MD, Neurosurgeon, a wonderful man who restored my ability to enjoy daily activities again. Dr. Yusupov met with my wife and I to go over x rays, MRI’s, and my overall condition. I told him I was very reluctant in getting back surgery and honestly scared to death. I had heard all the horror stories and even knew friends who’s back surgery was less than good and was petrified about the thought of this type of surgery. Dr. Yusupov understood my concerns and asked me how I liked my quality of life at this point. Basically it sucked. He went through the entire procedure with us and reinterated that if I followed his instructions, I could return to my active lifestyle after surgery. I had already received 2 other opinions and knew that Dr. Yusupov was the one I wanted to perform surgery. To say the surgery was a success is an understatement. I immediately lost the tingling in my legs and was up walking the next day. I followed Dr. Yusupov’s instructions for recovery and today, 3 months after surgery, I am back in the saddle, riding my horses, playing golf, walking and riding my bike, and my quality of life has returned. Yes, I still have to be careful with my activities and I continue my own physical therapy activities, but overall I feel great. I no longer take Alleve or Tylenol PM and have virtually no pain in my back. I fully understand the anxiety level that people have when confronted with back surgery, but I assure you that it is and can be a restoration of your quality of life. I know each person is different, but Dr. Yusupov and his team made me realize back surgery isn’t really “bad”, and I’m living proof it really does work. Thanks Dr. Yusupov.   

Source: Website | Written For: Dr Yusupov

Submitted by | Robert

  I live in an independent living facility and when people see me walking without a walker and the pain-free look on my face, they are speechless.  

Source: Website | Written For: Dr Yusupov

Submitted by | Mary

  Nowhere in the world could I have found anyone better to perform my back surgery! It’s like a miracle that now I have my life back and can enjoy each day with little or no pain!  

Source: Website | Written For: Dr Yusupov

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