I bring my expertise and experience as a certified physician assistant, to the Arizona Brain and Spine Center.  As I work alongside Dr. Igor Yusupov and Dr. Mohamed Abdulhamid, I feel honored that my contributions significantly impact this practice and, more importantly the lives of our patients.  Under the care and exemplary clinical services I provide as a team member, I am able to personally connect with our patients and alleviate any concerns or questions they may have.

My passion for medicine began when attending the University of Chicago.  After graduation, I worked for several years in an ovarian cancer laboratory conducting research in the biology of ovarian cancer, as well as in the discovery of new chemotherapeutic treatments.  My research was published in several well-known medical journals.

For me, the passion of neurosurgery stemmed from my life’s ambition to maintain a well-rounded lifestyle, including a sound mind, body and spirit. When these three aspects of life are balanced, your outlook on the world around you changes. When people are in pain, this balance is disrupted.  At the Arizona Brain and Spine Center, we have the honor to help reshape these patient’s lives and restore them to a well-balanced state of equilibrium. 

In addition, I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to establish a connection with our patients and have a positive impact in their life. Some people define success monetarily, but I define success in a different way.  There is no better feeling than having a patient tell you, that because of something we did, big or small, their life’s balance has been restored.

My interests include:  diet, nutrition, exercise, hiking, cycling and travel. 


  • A.T. Still University Master Degree of Physician Assistant Studies
  • University of Chicago Bachelor Degree of Psychology

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